Honestly, that's between you and God. It really is! However, we believe a good goal to aim for as a Christ follower is what is called “the tithe.” The tithe is a Biblical teaching which encourages us to give 10% of our income to God through the local church. It's a great way to honor God with our income and to partner with the local church in mission.

If you are newer to faith in Christ and to the concept of giving, we simply challenge you to start. Start somewhere and trust God in the process.

Ways to GIVE

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Text to Give

You can give from the convenience of your smart phone by texting a donation amount to: 239-300-2227

The first time you text, you will be directed to a one-time registration link to enter your information. Use the online giving button to login to your account to make future changes. 

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It's simple, easy and safe.  You can give with your credit card, debit card or through an automatic withdraw from your checking account.   

If you'd like to give online, or make changes to your account please click below.


In Person

You can place your offering in the buckets during a service. Or you can mail a check to:

Turning Point Church
27411 Tortoise Trail
Bonita Springs, FL. 34135

What we do

We are grateful for the generosity of those who have given to Turning Point Church.  Here is the allocation of those resources given in 2018.  

2018 Resource Allocation

2017 Resource Allocation

Outreach-16%, Ministry-10%, Admin-13%, Facilities-17% and Personnel-44%



The 90 Day Challenge is your opportunity to honor God with your income over the next three months. If you'd like to read more about this challenge, here are some resources for you.    

If you'd like to join us in honoring God for the next 90 days with your income, email us below and we'd be happy to help you in this faith journey.  

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