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Turning Point Church is searching for its next Lead Pastor. This page provides information regarding where we are in that process. You will also find information about the Pastoral Search Team and the process they will be following. This page will be updated on a regular basis. Please be in prayer for potential candidates and Turning Point Church as we seek to discern God's next call for each of us.

Process Overview

We are partnering with Chemistry Staffing to walk us through the pastoral search process. They will assist in evaluating Turning Point Church and where we would like to go in our next chapter, searching for and interviewing potential candidates, and finalize the hiring process. Throughout the process they will evaluate candidates based on five traits:

  1. Theology - Does the candidate believe the way we believe on both core and secondary issues?
  2. Culture - Does the candidate fit our community, church, and culture?
  3. Personality - Does the candidate play well with others? Are they likeable?
  4. Skill - Does the candidate have the talents and abilities we need to do a good job?
  5. Chemistry - Is this a person that will fit on our team? Do we want to do life AND ministry together?

Process Checklist with Chemistry Staffing

Onboarding Process

Contract Signed - Completed February 2, 2023

3 Day Pastoral Search Startup Meeting - Completed February 18, 2023

Identify Transition Teams - Completed March 6, 2023

Create Church and Candidate Profile - Completed March 16, 2023

Market the Lead Pastor Position - Completed March 21, 2023

Pre-Interview with Top Candidates - Completed May 8, 2023

Candidate Presentation to TPC Leadership - Completed May 8, 2023

TPC Leadership Interviews Top Candidates - Completed May 26, 2023

TPC Conducts Background Checks

TPC Presents Job Offer

Current Step Information

Over the last two months we have worked side by side with Chemistry Staffing to find our next lead pastor. After multiple weeks of interviews, we are excited to announce that we have extended an offer to Steven Knight to become our next lead pastor at Turning Point Church. So what happens next? On Sunday, June 4, Steven will be at Turning Point Church delivering the message and meeting with the leadership team. This is also a chance for all TPC Partners and attendees to meet Steven. We do this step to evaluate the chemistry between Steven and Turning Point Church and ensure it is strong in person, just as it was in the Zoom interviews. Stevens wife, Katie, and their kids will join us as well. After Sunday, June 4, we will have an update as to the decision made between Steven and the Turning Point Church Executive Leadership Team.

Last updated May 31, 2023.

PASTORAL Search Team

Carrie B at Turning Point Church

Carrie Bloemers

Turning Point Church is an engaged and connected community that has given our family a place to belong while also serving others in the community together. TPC has also helped me grow in my faith, but especially in a personal relationship with Jesus. We knew TPC was special from day one and it now it feels like home.

Johnny Ceto at Turning Point Church

Johnny Ceto

I love our commitment to glorifying God through worship and service to our community. I love to see huge teams of smiling volunteers show up to serve those in need. Our people and culture is so authentic and hungry to see God move in big ways in SWFL.

Ann Lefackis at Turning Point Church

Ann Lefcakis

I was drawn to Turning Point Church because of the authenticity that Pastor Steve exhibited in life, outside of the church doors. We were fortunate to meet him prior to TPC's launch and connected with his heart for serving others. This passion hasn't wavered and we're so fortunate to have found this welcoming, eager to serve church family. It's been a truly life altering journey for our family and friends who've made TPC their church home.

Rich Paulhamus at Turning Point Church

Rich Paulhamus

When I first started attending Turning Point Church several years ago, I was drawn by the gospel centered teaching and applications I could use daily.  Over time I have also come to appreciate the fellowship and the relationships I have built.  The environment at Turning Point definitely focuses on Jesus' commands of Love God and Love Your Neighbor.

Christy Ruedlinger at TPC

Christy Ruedlinger

I found Turning Point Church shortly after relocating to Naples four years ago. For me, TPC was a welcoming community that provided me an opportunity to meet people with similar values and get connected with our local community through our outreach ministry program.

Bill Smith at TPC

Bill Smith

Turning Point Church is a healthy church body that actually lives out their faith. Jesus lives here.

Ryan Windsor at Turning Point Church

Ryan Windsor

Since day one we have loved two things about Turning Point Church. First, we love the heart of TPC to go outside the church building walls so others can see and feel the love of Jesus. Second, we love the community within our TPC family to walk together and grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ. These two things have been huge in our families walk of faith.