To help people experience a life changing relationship through Christ, we have 4 key on ramps at TPC.  We would say that this is how we 'do church'.

Weekend Services  

We want to create an environment which is truly engaging and where people can experience God personally.  We know how hard it can be to come to a church for the first time.  With that in mind, we intentionally take the time to plan our services out so that when a person takes that risk to come, they will have a great experience!  We want guests to meet friendly people, experience some great music, hear a practical message, and have their kids walk away excited and want to come back.  We know that people may not agree with everything we are about, but we hope they see that God loves them and we care about them.  

Join us for a service | Watch Past Messages

Serving Teams 

It takes a dedicated group of volunteers every weekend to make Sunday services happen! Whether you help direct cars in the parking lot, welcome people, play in the band or teach the kids, your role is important. We believe that we are a family and all of us play a part in making our family stronger. Check out our current serving opportunities here.

Life Groups

We were created for relationships and thrive when we have a small group of people that we can count on and who can count on us.  Our desire is to help facilitate people in taking the step of joining a life group (a small group of people whom you trust and do life with).  Through this experience we believe you will feel more connected with God and more connected with other people.  Check out our current life group opportunities here.

Go Teams &
Connection Events

We believe that one of Jesus' greatest statements is found in a very simple but profound word; 'go'.   That word declares action! Our desire is to actively serve people just like Jesus did, outside of the walls of the church. We are here to reflect Christ and make a difference in the lives of others across the street and across the world.  

Find out where you can get involved on our events page.