You weren't made to do life alone. Being part of a Life Group means having people you can talk to, depend on, and explore God’s Word with. 

If you’re new to the concept, a life group is a weekly or bi-weekly meeting where a group of 6-12 people meet together all around our community to explore faith and do life together.

If you’re wondering what your next step is after coming on a Sunday morning, you’ve found it. We really believe that taking the step to join a group will be a decision you won’t regret.

Available Groups
Life Groups launch the week of February 4th.

Steve & Kiesa Gill
Sunday, 5:30-7:00,  
27411 Tortoise Trail, Bonita

Doug & Karen Hodge + Brian & Chelsea Wolfcale
Thursday, 6-7:30p, 
10268 Cobble Hill Road, Bonita

Drew & Kenema Clark + Victor & Patty Asencio
Wednesday, 6:00-7:30-,
ARC of Life, 26731 Dublin Woods Cir #2, Bonita

Warren & Brenda Pfohl + Mark & Lisa Milligan
Wednesday, 6:30-8:00p,
27508 Riverbank Drive, Bonita

Rich Paulhamus & Laurie Trexlar + Ryan & Michelle Windsor
Wednesday, 6-7:30p
9040 Palmas Grandes Blvd #102, Bonita

Woman's: Laurie Trexlar,
Thursday 1-2:30pm,
9040 Palmas Grandes Blvd #102, Bonita

Woman's: Brenda Pfohl,
Tuesday, 6:30-8:00p, 
27508 Riverbank Drive, Bonita

Men's: Rich Paulhamus,
Tuesday, 7:15-8:15 AM, Panera's, 
13555 Tamiami Trail N, Naples