Giving > Receiving.

It’s as simple as algebra. In fact, God proves this expression to be true by what he has already done for all of us.  John says it this way:  

For God so loved the world that He gave us His Son.
— John 3:16

God gave us the greatest gift of all; Jesus Christ. It’s from that example that we as followers of Christ want to be the same as Jesus;  generous.  We know that Giving > Receiving because we’ve experienced it first hand. This December, we want to give you the opportunity to be generous like Christ through The Greatest Gift Offering.  

What is the GGO?

It’s focused year end giving that will helps us demonstrate that Giving > Receiving.

How will the GGO make a difference?

1. Build a home for a family.


The GGO will help us build a home for a family. It was so incredibly powerful to reach out and build a home for a family in need this year. How great would it be to do the same thing for a family, (or maybe two) in Alajuelita, Costa Rica again in 2018? It would be awesome!


As we meet the practical needs of a home, we also want to help people find a sense of home. Think about it.  Aren’t we all looking to belong to something bigger than ourselves? You know it’s true and we believe that longing is met in Christ and through the local church. Your generosity will help us continue to reach out and serve our community through the local schools and other great non profits. Serving is the one of the greatest ways to help people find their need and longing fulfilled in Christ.


2. Build a home for our family.


The GGO will also help us build a home for our family. Our church family is getting bigger and one day, we are going to push the limits of being portable. So, what would it take to have our own home? It starts with planning strategically and financially right now. Your giving to the GGO will help us take some important first stops. Your generosity will help us respond rather than react to opportunities that God will open up to us as a church.    

IMG_3716 copy.jpg

Who can give? How much should I give?

Anyone can give.  If you've never given to Turning Point Church, we believe this is a great starting point for you! If you already give faithfully, would you be willing to take a greater step of sacrifice? Would you consider giving above and beyond what you already are doing? Your ‘how much’ really begins by asking God. Talk to God. Listen to God. Then as God moves you, it’s important to obey what he’s leading you to do.  

Our Goal

This year we are setting a goal to raise $25,000 during the month of December.  In fact, we have individuals that are willing to match dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 to help us reach this goal.

What are some practical ways your generosity
will serve others in 2018?

Whether you give $25, $500, $2500 or $10,000, your giving will have a direct impact.  

When To Give

You can give any time during the month of December for the Greatest Gift Offering through December 31st.  All of your gifts are tax deductible.

How To Give

You can give through our app and give online and select the fund "GGO", during the submission process. You can also mark a giving envelope during the service with 'The Greatest Gift Offering' or 'GGO'.  

Thank You in advance for your generosity!!!