An Open Heart = Open Hands

I love that expression because it’s the core of the gospel message. Our hearts are so moved by Christ that it calls us to action. Think about it. Isn’t that the way God loved us? God loved us so deeply that He was moved to action. Consider this:

God demonstrated his love for us in this; that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.
— Romans 5:8

God’s heart was so open to us that he gave us His son. God just didn’t talk about his love for us, he proved it. Again, an open heart equals open hands. And if we are Jesus followers, aren’t we called to live the same way? Absolutely yes!

This December, as you think through your year end giving opportunities, we want to ask you to consider Turning Point Church. Would you be generous like Christ and be a part of The Greatest Gift Offering.  Take a look.

What is the GGO?

It’s focused year end giving that will help us meet the needs of

Our World and Our Family.

How will the GGO make a difference?

1. Our World.


The GGO will help us meet the needs of those across the street and across the world. Part of your giving will help us serve those still recovering still from Hurricane Michael. Remember how many people served us when we were impacted by Irma? We want to do the same. We are currently building relationships with schools, churches and residents to see how we can best help serve during the rebuilding phase. Your generosity will help us respond in an effective way as these needs present themselves in the most affected areas.


When it comes to our world, we will also continue to serve the people of Alajuelita, Costa Rica. For the past few years we have been building a strong relationship with Miguel and Karina Rojas, the pastors of Iglesia de la Ciudad. They are doing some incredible work in some very challenging areas by building homes, feeding the hungry and sending kids to school. Your generosity will help us continue to fuel that relationship and help hem meet needs through the local church in Costa Rica.


2. Our Family.


The GGO will also help us take care of our family. Part of our family is the amazing staff team that serves so many of us. We believe we have a strong team that can help us grow the church, make a difference in your life and in this community. However, the reality is that we can take steps to take better care of them and their families long term. This is how Paul talks about caring for our community:

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.
— Galatians 6:10

You may or may not know their stories of what led each family to TPC? Each family has taken a step of faith and in some cases, walked away from careers because they believe in the vision of Turning Point Church. Your generosity through the GGO will help us honor their sacrifices as they serve each of us and our community.


Who can give? How much should I give?

Anyone can give.  If you've never given to Turning Point Church, we believe this is a great starting point for you! If you already give faithfully, would you be willing to take a greater step of sacrifice? Would you consider giving above and beyond what you already are doing? Your ‘how much’ really begins by asking God. Talk to God. Listen to God. Then as God moves you, it’s important to obey what he’s leading you to do.  

Our Goal

This year we are setting a goal to raise $40,000 during the month of December. 

IMG_3716 copy.jpg

When To Give

You can give any time during the month of December for the Greatest Gift Offering through December 31st.  All of your gifts are tax deductible.

How To Give

You can give through our app or give online and select the fund "GGO", during the submission process. You can also mark a giving envelope during the service with 'The Greatest Gift Offering' or 'GGO'.  

You also have an opportunity to give a gift through stocks. If you’d like to take that step, please contact us at

Thank You in advance for your generosity!!!