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One of the bedrock passages of faith in Jesus is found in this verse:    

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son Jesus.”

— John 3:16

God loved us so deeply that he put his amazing plan into motion at Christmas with Jesus. Jesus came to this world, put on flesh, and was born in a manger. This was God’s way to reconcile us and bring us into right relationship with Him. God loved us so much that He gave all He had; His Son!

Jesus did the same. He constantly displayed the love of God to those who were hurting or marginalized in some way. People like you and I. Whom did He love? Jesus loved the Lonely, the Overwhelmed, the Vulnerable and the Empty.  In fact, Jesus loved us so much that He too gave. Jesus would go to the cross and give His life so that we can have a relationship with our Creator.

 As Jesus followers, we are called to do the same thing. We are called to love others and give away the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

What is  "for the love" offering?

It’s a year-end giving initiative to help our church tangibly help others here in Southwest Florida with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our goal

This year we are setting a goal to raise $175,000 during the last six weeks of 2021.


Continued Sustainability:  Last year we took a HUGE step of faith by putting down roots in a new location.  This new church home has given us the opportunity to gather together for worship, for community and for sending out teams to serve others locally.   We were also able to create some amazing spaces for your kids and launch our online church which continues to reach new people.  Your year end giving this year will help sustain our current ministries and help us thrive as a church.

Eliminating Hunger:  Many families in our community face the reality of food scarcity and don't know where their next meal is coming from.  As a church, we want to partner with our local relationships at New Horizons to be a part of the solution.  Your year end giving will help us convert our trailer (from the mobile church days) to a mobile feeding pantry that delivers food directly to those families in need in the Rosemary Community.

Building A Home: We also want to address the challenge that many hard working families face in being able to afford a place to call home.  This year we will be partnering with Habitat For Humanity to build one of fourteen homes in the Rosemary Community over the next eighteen months.  Your year end giving will help us build that home and then give it to a family in need.  

Generosity Really Does Matter!

We believe that generosity from Jesus followers is what makes mission happen.  Proverbs 11:25 says it this way, "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

In the economy of God, it’s generosity through each of us in how God meets needs.  And get this.  When we give to serve others, God has a supernatural way of bringing refreshment to their lives and even into our lives.  Why can't each of us be those kinds of Christ followers and why cant' we be that kind of church?

How much should I give?

Your “how much” really begins by asking God. Talk to God. Listen to God. Then as God moves you, it’s important to obey what He’s leading you to do.   We believe that if everyone does something, there is no way we can’t blow through this faith goal that God has laid before us.  The questions is then, what part will you play?

How To Give

You can give through our app, online, or by texting.  You can also give through the mail to Turning Point Church, PO Box 367655, Bonita Springs, FL. 34136.  As you give, please make sure you notate your giving, “For The Love Offering” or “FTL”.

You also have an opportunity to give a gift through stocks. If you’d like to take that step, please contact us at All of your gifts are tax-deductible and can be given through December 31, 2021.  
Thank You in advance for your generosity!!