What is the culture of Turning Point like?  What kind of 'vibe' are we trying to create as a church?  This is a good start.  

Authentic - It’s not always easy being a Christ follower and there is no one who has it all figured out.  So, we aren’t going to try to fake it or pretend our way through it.  We want to be people who are genuine, honest and open about what it means to follow Christ.  

Fun - Who says being a Christian or going to church has to be boring?  Not us!  We will consciously add elements of creativity into all of our environments.  We believe this embraces the creativity and uniqueness of our God.  

Passionate - This is an attitude that says we won’t take ourselves too seriously but we will take God very seriously.  Because of who Jesus is, we want to do everything for him with excellence so everyone can experience the life change that Christ brings.  

Multicultural - It’s amazing how often in our culture today that we separate from others who are not like us.  Sadly, that happens in church too!  We desire to be a group of people and a church who bridge the cultural barriers that exist in our community.  We want to be a group of people who are a small reflection of the cultural diversity of what we will see in heaven one day. Wouldn't that be cool?

Come as you are - Christ accepts us for who we are, no matter what junk we have.  So, we have a ‘come and see attitude’ where anyone is welcome to pursue Christ.  Just remember, Christ accepts us for who we are, he just doesn't want us to stay that way!  

Trust - This is the bedrock of all relationships!  We want to do the work to build relationships within our community and show people how to build deep trust in their personal relationships.  Sometimes that may mean honestly admitting our mistakes when we fail.  

Courageous - Who wants to look back on their life full of regrets?  Answer:  No one!  As a church we don’t want to live that way either.  So, we will attempt to make choices that are courageous in following God rather than playing it safe.