Child Dedication is an event that marks your spiritual commitment to your child and promise to raise him or her up in the ways of Christ.   We love seeing parents take this step in their families! 

About Dedications and Baptisms

Are they the same?  What's the difference?  We believe that the evidence in scripture for baptism is for those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ. So, baptism is for those who have already made that decision to follow him and are going public about that relationship. Dedications, on the other hand, are more about a parent’s commitment to raising their child in an environment where they can personally know Christ.  

What Child Dedications Look Like At Turning Point

We believe this moment is a special time for you and your family and is a mile marker you should look forward to.   Our child dedications take place during our weekend service.  It's a moment mixed with seriousness and celebration in a relaxed environment. There is a brief exchange between you and the pastor during the service were you  make a commitment to raise your child in knowing Christ.  Don’t worry, there is no long public speaking required on your part and we go over all of the details with you in advance of the service.  

What Are The Requirements?

Parent(s) of the child being dedicated must fill out the child dedication application completely and turn it in by the next due date.   If you are interested in having your child dedicated let us know below: