It's really important to take steps to get connected with others in the local church.  Here are some of our key ways to connect with others right now at Turning Point.

The 3 Peat Challenge:

We would love for you to come back again to get a full picture of what Turning Point is like.  We call it the 'three peat' around here.  Whenever you participate in something new, one of the best ways to get a full picture is to go a few times.  The same can be true with church.  We are inviting you to be a part of this experience for the three peat to really get a full picture of the heartbeat, mission and people who are connecting with Turning Point.  

C2 | Coffee and conversation

If you are new to Turning Point and want to get to know more about TPC, join us at C2.  C2 is casual time of coffee and conversation with Pastor Steve and Keisa Gill.  Come and ask questions and get to know the story and the people that make up Turning Point Church.  We have a C2 event every few months.  Check our events page for details and to register. 


Connection events

A connection event is just as it says, it's meant to connect people together.  Some of our events are simply social and meant to build bridges between people.  Through out the year these types of event will be geared towards families, young adults, men and other groups of people.  

Other events are more missional and the purpose is to come together and serve in some way.  We may serve at a local feeding center, pick up trash around our community, or serve families at a local school carnival.  This gives the people of Turning Point and their friends an ability to connect with each other and a mission within our community.