We believe that everyone has a next step. Next steps are key in developing our faith in Christ and in building relationships with others. Here are some key next steps we would encourage you to try at Turning Point Church.

The 3 Peat Challenge:

A great first step at Turning Point simply is to come back again. In fact, we call it the '“three-peat challenge.”  Come back to our Sunday service to get a fuller picture and understanding of the vision, the culture and the people of Turning Point Church. We’ve had several people say they took the three peat challenge and that Turning Point felt like home for them. We believe you’ll feel the same way too!

c2, new.jpeg

C2 | Coffee and conversation

A great next step is our C2 experience. This is a chance for those who are newer to Turning Point to sit down in a casual environment with Pastor Steve, Keisa and our church staff. It’s pretty laid back. Come ask your questions and get to know the story and the people that make up Turning Point Church.  Check our events page for details and to register. 


Connection events

A connection event is just as it says, it's meant to connect people together.  Some of our events are simply social and meant to build bridges between people. 

Other events are more missional and the purpose is to come together and serve in some way.  In the past we have served in a local feeding center, a school carnival, or by picking up up trash around our community.  These events normally happen once a month.