How To Give

One of the questions we often receive in giving is related to our online giving.  What are the options?  How can I text give?  What about setting up a reoccurring way to give?  Can you show me the next steps?  Here is a quick way to know how to give.  

1.  Quick Give:  You can give online anytime without setting up an account.  When you go to our giving portal, simply click on Quick Give.   You'll be asked basic info.  When you are done, hit the submit button and you are good to go.    

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2.  Scheduled Giving:  A great way to give is by setting up a scheduled giving schedule. You can do this weekly, monthly, twice a month, etc.  It will require you to set up an account initially, but again, it's easy like all the other online items you do today.  We believe it is helpful for two reasons.  One, it's a 'set it and forget it' option. Once you set it up, it takes care of itself.  You don't have to worry about checkbooks, envelopes or pens.  Secondly, it helps us a church budget and plan better.  When giving is consistent, it helps us know what we can do consistently as a church.  

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3.  Text Giving:  This is a pretty convenient and quick way to give as well.  Initially, you will have to set up an account.  Then after you do that, simply go to your text option on your phone.  Set up a text to our number; 239-300-2227.  Enter the amount you want to give and hit send..  If you type in 50, that means you are giving $50.  Once you do that, it will confirm your gift. 

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4.   The TPC App:  All of this also possible through our app.  You can find our app at the app stores by typing in TPClive.  Once you download the app, simply click on the online giving button, and you are on your way.  

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