Turning Point's New Starting Point!

As we were preparing to go all out for this new series, 'Starting Point', we knew that God would place steps of faith in front of us as a church and in front of each of you.  This is the message of Jesus and this was why he gave his life for us.  What he did for us on the cross was the ultimate of starting points. 

I shared with you on Sunday one of those starting points for us as a church.  The Woflcale family, which leads our worship ministry as staff, will be relocating to Michigan.  Yeah, I heard those sighs on Sunday!  You might even be sighing now?  

A new starting point at Turning Point Church-Sunday, February 4th, 2018

A new starting point at Turning Point Church-Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Long story short, God has given an opportunity to Brian and Chelsea and the kids to be close to family with a great job.  You could make the case that it's a new starting point for them and for us as a church.  'So, by the way, what's the real story?  There has to be more, right?'  Nope.  That's it.  Trust me.  Ask them if you like.  We love the Wolfcales and they have a deep love for this church and for many of you.  Through this process of change there have been some great conversations, tears, fun memories, and embraces.  We are going to miss them, but we also celebrate their step of faith. 

In fact, isn't that we all should do?  When God places new starting points in front of us, shouldn't we willingly step?   Yes, because that means God wants to do something greater in us.  Yes, because that means God is about to do something new through us.  Hear me on this, I'm excited for what God has ahead of us.  I'm filled with joy because I know that God has our backs.  I'm filled with hope and anticipation because new chapters mean God is moving!!!  

Question.  Why does God bring about starting points in our lives?  To stretch us.  To grow us.  To make us more dependent on him.   In fact, we read this a few weeks ago:    

You did not choose me; I chose you. And I gave you this work: to go and produce fruit, fruit that will last.
— John 15:16

Christ does things in us to produce long-term fruit.  Long-term evidence that we are followers of his.  Long term fruit of faith and trust.  Long term character.  And many times, yes, many times, new beginnings are a way for God to do that.  

So, let me share some next steps.  First of all, we are going to celebrate the Wolfcale family.  They deserve it!  They came here and served very well.  So, let's thank them for that.  On Sunday, February 25th, we will have some ways during and after service to congratulate them.  If you want to give them a hug, a high five or bless them with a card or a gift, that is the day.  Please be here that Sunday!  If you want to help with some of the details of that day, click on over to our events page and reach out to us.  

What does this look like going forward as a church?  Well, there are lots of things happening simultaneously right now.  One, we have teams of people praying over this next chapter.  I'm so grateful for our prayer team!  Two, we are talking with our current volunteer teams about stepping in the gap and asking what they think.  We have some great people on our worship and tech teams!  They are very capable to serve and lead. Three, we are reaching out to some of our local church relationships and asking if they would provide some extra worship leadership and instrumentalists during this time.  Some have said yes.  That's so awesome!  So, you will most likely see some new faces as a part of our band and leading worship for a season.  Lastly, we have started a national search for our next Worship Pastor and so far, we have met some really amazing people.  We don't know what the full time frame is, because there are lots of details regarding interviewing, moving, etc.  However, we will keep you posted as we progress!

Praying for Brian and Chelsea

Praying for Brian and Chelsea

With this starting point in mind, I have an ask.  One, would you pray?  Pray for our church.  Pray for our teams.  Pray for God to give us wisdom.  Pray for our next staff person even though we don't know who they are.  God knows.  Prayer moves and changes things. 

Two, would you serve?  Yeah, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.  Brian and Chelsea do a lot to serve you each week; now it's your turn.   We also believe that serving is the call of a Christ follower and it's part of our culture at Turning Point.  So how can you serve?  How about helping us set up?  Running the lights?  Keeping the graphics running well on the screens?  We do need you through this transition.  And yes, we will equip you and get you connected on a team.  Want in?  Fill out our connection card in the app or sign up at our events page.  

Hear me on this, God has got this.  Some of you heard me say this Sunday; "God is not up in heaven wringing his hands saying, 'well, I didn't see that coming'."  Nope, He knows exactly what He's doing.  The same God that has birthed this church is still in control.  The same God that has grown this church is still leading.  The same God who has been blessing this church is still stretching us.  I'm excited to see what God does.  I'm pumped to see who God brings and what he does to help us reach more people.   He has a plan and it's going to be great.  You watch!   

God has a new starting point for Turning Point.  And guess what?  We get to see it all unfold and we get to be a part of it.  



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