Men's Day!

You know what, we are going to do something for fun here at Turning Point Church.  We are going to have a Men's Day!  Yeah, a Men’s Day!  What’s that? 

In a nutshell, it's a day dedicated to guys.  A day dedicated to celebrating manhood and fatherhood.  Too often our culture throws men under the bus and tells them how bad they are or they can't be like the men God created them to be.  Let's change that!  

So, on Sunday, June 19th we are asking everyone (yeah, come on ladies too) to come out and celebrate with us.  Guys, let's show up and be a part.  Ladies, invite the men in your lives.  

Be inspired in our weekend service and then stick around for some fun that is a FREE gift to you!  Text the words, 'men's day' to secure your RSVP to 941-777-4872.

Steve GillComment