Why Missions?

In the past 25 years of ministry, I've been asked this question quite a bit.  'Why do missions?  Why go overseas and serve when there is so much need right here in our community?  In our own country?'  Great question!!!

There are lots of great answers to those why questions but the greatest reason is this; Jesus!  Over and over again, Jesus told his followers (and tells us too by the way) to take the gospel and share it, live it and preach it everywhere.  Here are Jesus' words. 

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. And you will be my witnesses, telling poeple about me everywhere-in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.
— Acts 1:8

All of Jesus' words are important.  However, you would think that since these were some of his last words that they might carry some extra weight.  What did he say?  He says to tell everyone and to go everywhere.  That means churches reach across the street and across the world.  That means that followers of Jesus live out their faith in corporate America, on the soccer fields, while on vacation in New York and traveling to feed hungry kids in Latin America.  Everywhere!   There really is no great good argument that we can make that dismisses Jesus'

global vision and challenge to all of us.  

However, let's imagine for a moment that the first followers of Jesus downplayed this.   Minimized it.  Rationalized it away like many followers of Jesus do today.  Imagine that they said this,  'You know, Jesus can't be serious about everywhere.  That's too much.  Let's just focus on our community.  Let's engage in our neighborhoods and see how that goes.  Maybe one day, we can do that 'everywhere' thing he talked about.'  What if that really happened?  

How about we make that really personal for a moment?  If they had taken that position and kept the gospel to themselves then how would you know Jesus?  Your kids?  Your family?  Your co-workers?  If those original followers balked on that great vision, again like we have a propensity to do, where does that leave you and I?  Without Jesus.  For centuries, starting with the men who followed Jesus, countless people have had the courage, the faith and the obedience to live Jesus everywhere.

So why not me?  Why not us?  Why not Turning Point Church?  Let's make is clear.  We will!   

With that said, we are making plans now to head to Alajuelita, Costa Rica  this year on our first misisons experience.  So, if you are interested in serving, stretching yourself, making a difference and following the vision of Jesus, go for it!!!

Dates:  August 29th through September 5th.  

Details:  The trip will focus on helping the local church in Costa Rica by meeting the needs of the community in the name of Christ.  We will participate in helping serve the needy through a potential construction project, general physical labor, serving at local feeding centers for children, the local schools and family ministry.  We have a valued and trusted relationship with a local church and it's local pastor in Costa Rica.  We know the people, the barios and the need.  Although there are always risks with every international trip, this is a family friendly trip and environment.  Teenagers may participate without parental supervision but are required to have additional documents filled out by your parent/guardian.  

You can download our application here.  

Team Meeting:  Join us for questions and answers or to get on board on Monday, May 9th at 6:30pm.   RSVP your spot by texting us the word Missions to 941-777-4872.  




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