SOWO For Easter

To help make Easter the best experience at Turning Point Church we need our church to step up and SOWO together. 

What Is SOWO?

SOWO simply stands for;  serve one, worship one.  In other words, we need you to serve at one of the services on Saturday or Sunday for Easter.  That's the SO part of the equation.  Say hi at the door or in the parking lot.    Serve @ kids check in.  Help us set up for the egg dash events.  Hold babies in our nursery.  Be an extra set of hands to do whatever is needed.  Pick one of the two services and serve one.  That’s the SO!  You are needed! 

Then, we also want you to worship at the other service.   That’s the 'WO'!  Attend the other service that you’re not serving at.  Why?  It's so important to connect with the purpose and heart of Easter!  Think about it for a moment.  What Jesus did on Easter is the center of Christianity.  So, do the 'WO'.  Worship with the band.  Sit with the friends you invited.  Engage in the message.  Build some community with others.  Celebrate with us that Jesus is alive!!!  


We want to reach more people in our community this year.  To do that, we need those that call Turning Point home to be 'all in' for Easter.  That means serving somewhere will be huge in helping point people to Jesus.

How to SOWO?  

The best way to SOWO is to register with a text or an email.  Here's how that happens.  Simply text the service that you will serve at with the word SO, your name and the service (Sat. or Sun.) you will serve at.  (Example:  SO, Gills, Saturday or SO, Cetos, Sunday).  We will contact you and get you plugged in once we hear from you.  If you like, you can also email the same info to

Thanks for being a part of the SOWO!  Together we will can make a difference and point people to Jesus this Easter.    


Steve GillComment