Kids Friend Day

It's was always fun when you got to invite your friends to go with you somewhere. Remember when you were a kid and how fun that made the experience?  It was fun to invite them over to play in the backyard.  How about shooting hoop in the driveway?  Maybe it was going to the mall or the park or to another friend's house?   

They key is that it always hinged on whether mom or dad gave the official nod and approval.  'Yes'!  That was the word you were looking for.  That was the word to having some good times with your friends.    

Now that we are parents and grandparents it's our turn to provide those same kid of fun, kid friendly experiences for our kids.  It's our turn to give the nod and to help our kids connect wit their friends.     So, why not take that step @Turning Point?

Here's an opportunity for you to make that happen.  This Sunday we are having a Friend Day for our kids @Turning Point Church.  All of the kids who come this weekend, including their friends, will get a prize, have fun, learn about the life of Jesus and build more friendships.    It will be a great time!!!

Here's also another cool thing about Friend Day.  It's a way for your kids to model their faith in a very simple way; through an invitation.  We talk regularly about pointing people to know about our hope in Christ.  Some times it's with words.  Many times its with our lives and even an invitation.  So, why not model this with our kids?   Think about how fun and how impacting a simple invitation can be to strengthen the faith of your child!  

So, the question is, will you help make that happen for your kids?  Will you make the calls?  Load up the van?  You can hear the words now.  'Come on mom and dad.  Grandma.  Grandpa.  What do you think?  Can (insert name of favorite friend here) come with us to Turning Point Sunday?'  

Let's be the parents who say yes, give the nod and then make it happen for our kids.  Especially when it comes to connecting fun and faith.....


Steve GillComment