Egg The City

We have found a creative way to invite others to Easter this year!  Will you join us in what we are calling...

Here's how it works: 

1.  Grab a bag of eggs.  Each bag has enough eggs to egg 15 people.  If you want more than that, take more bags.  Our goal is to egg 1,000 people!!! 

2.  How do I egg?  We are asking you to drop three eggs wherever you egg.  Each person you egg gets a three egg combination with one gold egg (with an invite in it) and two colorful eggs (with candy inside).    

3.  Be creative!  Where are some places and who are some people you could invite to Easter?  How about on the doorstep or in the grass near your neighbors drive?  How about passing them out at work in each cubicle?  Why not take a handful and give them to families at the soccer or baseball game?  Who can resist an Easter egg?

4.  Egg with others.  You can egg your neighborhood with the kids.  You can egg your businesswith a co-worker.  Even getting together a few families to egg the baseball game could be really fun. 

5.   Pray!  That may sound weird when it comes to eggs, but why not?  Pray that each invitation you pass out is a tool for God to connect people to Him!

Now, if you don't see yourself as an 'egging' personality, you can still invite others this Easter. Make sure you pick up our 4x6 Easter invite cards and pass them out.  

Someone will come if you just invite them!  .  

Go for it!  

Steve GillComment