How To Handle Criticism

Some of our men have been gathering together each Tuesday (email us if you'd like to be a part) to talk about what it means to be the men that God created us to be.  Here's one of the statements we recently have talked through:  

STAND STRONG: Don’t give in when you are challenged, attacked or criticized.

How we all handle crticism is key!  Here's a great article from Perry Noble that I wanted to share with you as you face criticism in life.  


In this final email, I want to talk with you about something I've wrestled with personally and professionally over the years, and something we all face: Criticism.

Whether you’re a business leader, a pastor, or a stay-at-home mom, criticism has the potential to ignite a fire inside of you that consumes you and takes control of your emotions. And it's not because you’re ungodly; it’s just because you’re a human being!

For years I battled with anger whenever someone criticized me. I couldn’t figure out a solution until a few years ago, when I became friends with Dabo Swinney, the head football coach for the Clemson Tigers. I began to attend some of his practices and watch the way he interacted with his players.

One day, after observing a really tough practice, I can remember getting into my car and having a revolutionary thought - one that has helped me get past my quick trigger for anger...

Thanks to Dabo, I know that if I’m going to accomplish anything significant as a leader and set a healthy pattern for my team, I need to begin to listen to my Coaches, not my Critics.

What are the differences between Coaches and Critics? Let me share seven of them.

  • Coaches have a relationship with you; Critics hardly know you at all.

  • Coaches assume the best; Critics assume the worst.

  • Coaches correct out of love; Critics correct out of pride.

  • Coaches have earned respect; Critics have not.

  • Coaches handle things privately; Critics go public.

  • Coaches love you through a disagreement; Critics hate you no matter what.

  • Coaches should be listened to; Critics should be ignored.

So here's where you can get really practical... Look at the people you have surrounded yourself with, and measure them against these 7 traits, then ask yourself, "Is this person a Coach? Or are they a Critic?"

Remember: Maximizing your leadership potential is about surrounding yourself with people who have Coaching ability! Focus on what the Coaches say and eliminate the voice of the Critic.

When you do this, not only will you see growth in your leadership, but you will experience freedom in your personal life as well!

Steve GillComment