Register By Text

So, we are trying something NEW and we hope that it's more efficient at Turning Point Church. We are doing text registration for events!

 What does that mean?  That means instead of putting your name, your number and your email down on a piece of paper  for any event, you  simply text your sign up.  

For instance.  Let's say you want to help with the Saturday clean up of Bonita coming up on February 27th.  You'd text the two words, 'clean up' to the number and you are automatically registered.  Maybe you want to be a part of the Community Expo in March?  You'd text us the word 'expo' and the time slot you want to serve and boom!  It's all done! 

So, help us with this.  When you see the displays in the VIP area, when you hear the announcements, or when you read it online, register right away.  

Text us and you are all good to go.  

Don't you love progress?


Steve GillComment