Why Preview Services?

We are having preview services this month.  What?  Here's some common questions in regards to why we are doing this?

Q:  What is a preview service?

A:  It's simply a practice service.    We will do everything we would normally do during a weekend service.  

Q:  Why do you do them?

A:  Well, launching a church is exciting but it's also tough.  The preview services give us a chance to plan for all of the details of what it takes to launch a church.  The services also give us a chance to see what we can do better.   For instance, do we need more people on the hospitality team?   Are we giving our set up team enough team to set up?  Do our kids ministry team understand the check in process?  What is the sound and video looking like within the auditorium?  Do we have the right amount of signage?  

Q:  Isn't that just being showy?

A:  We don't think so!  We believe excellence inspires people and honors God.  Why wouldn't we want to do our best?  Would you go back to a restaurant if you had bad service?  Would you allow your kids to play in a league that was poorly organized?  We believe you would give a resounding NO!    We know that we are reaching people who have maybe given up on church.  That means we will get, most likely, one chance, to introduce them to Jesus.  Why then would we want to risk presenting the gospel and being the church poorly?  

Q:  What if people from the community show up?

A:  Well, we welcome them in!  It's possible that this will happen with the mailers that are going out, people driving by and the social media buzz we are anticipating.  But, when someone attends that day Steve will say something like, 'Welcome today to our preview service.  We are so glad you are here today!  We want you to know that today is a preview service to work out all of the kinks  Thanks for allowing us to make mistakes today!  Please come back again when we launch because it will be an awesome weekend!'.  We believe people will understand and respect that authenticity.  

Q:  Can we invite friends?

A:  Yes, we are an outwardly focused church.  Please make sure that you tell them that this is a preview service and to come back for our Grand Opening on Sunday, September 27th @10am.  


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