Serve with us this week

We have some very exciting things that we are doing this summer to get the name of Christ and Turning Point Church out into our community.  Man, I can't wait to tell you about the things that are falling into place.  

One of the biggies is the 4th of July Parade and Bed Race.  Thousands of people show up for this!  So, we need your help THIS WEEK to get ready for that event.  Help us stuff envelopes.  Help us put together bags of candy. Help us even decorate our bed entry for the Bed Race.  

When:  This Sunday, June 28th at 4:30pm (no longer Saturday).  

Where:  The Cafe of Life Community Center.  10540 Childers Street, Bonita

Who:  Anyone.  Just show up.

Other Options:

Parade Walkers:  We are going to need  lots of people to walk with us in the parade and pass out things to the crowd.  This will be so much fun.  Show up and meet us at our spot in the parade route NO LATER than 8:45 on Saturday July 4th.   

Bed Racers:  We need a handful of peole to help us move the bed to the event and then race with us during the race.  We have to be in place for the race by 4:45pm on Saturday, July 4th