Serving our community

This past week Turning Point had it's first couple of opportunities to get out into the community and serve others.  It was really great!

Our first opportunity was at a networking event.  Do you know what those are?  Essentially it's one of those local gatherings where everyone gets together, exchanges business cards, has conversations and talks about what they do.  We figured, what a great way to connect in the community and get the word out about Turning Point.  Why not? 

So, picture this with me for a moment.  The networking event was outside in hot SW Florida.  It was at a large Harley Davidson dealership.  It was full of businesses and some non profits.  I think we might have been the only church there?  We unpack everything and set up our booth right next to a booth made up of military vets who are bikers and support charity projects in the community.  What a great place for a church to be!

The event opens up and we had a steady stream of people for four hours. We had conversation after conversation.  We passed out bottled water.  We gave away business cards.  We had people drop tickets at our booth for give aways. We even had free ice cream to give a way.  That's a cool story!  A week before I had the privilege of meeting a local couple who own a coffee and ice cream shop here in Bonita.  A couple of hours before the event I get a phone call from them wanting to donate some ice cream and all of the supplies for our booth.  They showed up and even helped us scoop the ice cream.  How cool is that?  Thanks Virmarie and Jerry for your help.  You need to check out their place, Green Cone Cafe !!!

What a great chance to talk about faith, about Christ and about Turning Point at this event.  If you'd like to see more pictures from that day, check out our Facebook Page.    

That following Sunday we also initiated what was called, 'Serve Our City'.  I just thought we needed to appreciate and thank our first responders and teachers.  How many times do people actually thank them?  So, we gathered together part of our launch team and met at the park to make gift baskets. After putting them all together, we prayed over the baskets.  Then, with no advanced warning, we just dropped them off at one police station, three fire stations and four schools.  

When we arrived it went something like this.  'Hey, we wanted to say thanks to you all for your sacrifice and serving others in our community.  We are grateful for you guys and here's a small token of our appreciation.'  Each experience was met with handshakes, words of thanks and a picture to remember the moment.  Again, what a great way to show God's love in a very practical way!  If you'd like to see more pictures from that day, check out our Facebook Page.

Why do this?  To have conversations.  To make connections.  To build relationships. To show God's love with no strings attached.  To express God's grace to a person through thanks, through candy and through kind words.  I mean, why not do this?  Isn't that what the church should do? Isn't this what Christians should do?  Isn't that what Jesus did?

Experiences like this remind me of a verse in scripture.  It says it this way. 'Some people plant seeds.  Some people water.  But it's God who makes things grow' (1 Corinthians 9:6).  

We just want to make sure we do our part which is the planting and watering of God's love in this community.  Then we want to get out of the way, stand back and watch God do his part.     

The Turning Point Team