This week at Turning Point...

Again, for those of you who are curious and those already committed to Turning Point, I want to keep you in the loop of communication.  With that said, here's the highlights of the upcoming week.  

Sunday Serve:   Sunday Serve is a once a month opportunity for us to build community with one another and a chance to serve our community.  This Sunday, April 18th we will be meeting at Bonita Springs Elementary School (10701 Dean St) at 10-11am for a prayer walk.  What is a prayer walk?  Well, just like it sounds; a bit of praying and walking.  Now, don't just blow it off because it doesn't sound like your cup of tea.  That was what I first thought!  However, from personal experience of doing many of these, I can tell you this can be a game changer for us and and for our community.  Bring the kids, wear some comfortable shoes, and let's show up.  For a peek of what this looks like, check out this video from Mark Batterson:  

Sunday Gathering at 4:30pm: This week I'll start a series of conversations called, 'Imagine' focused on the vision of Turning Point Church.  Essentially we will discuss what we are about and why.  So, imagine with me for a moment.  Can you imagine a a church that could reach those who are far from God and not just talk about it?  Can you imagine a place where people's' lives are constantly restored through Christ?  Can you imagine a church where we aren't embarrassed to bring our un-churched friends to?  I can!  Let's imagine that together!!!  

Excited for what God is already doing through this church here in Bonita.  

The best is yet to come!!!

Steve Gill