Wow, this is life change!

I am so excited to tell you all about this past Sunday.  It was called Baptisms at the Beach.   All I can say is that it was incredible!!!  What we did Sunday is what excites me most about  planting Turning Point Church.  It's about life change.  It's about pointing people  to Christ.  

This is how scripture describes it.  

We were buried in baptism as Christ was buried in death. As Christ was raised from the dead by the great power of God, so we will have new life also.
— Romans 6:4

This weekend we had 12 people take the step on baptism.  Imagine getting dunked in the Gulf of Mexico on a beautiful day.  Imagine 60+ people on the beach cheering them on. Imagine the community stopping by to watch and ask questions.  It was a defining moment for each of these people and for Turning Point Church.  

Enough said, watch and share this video.  


Steve GillComment