New Set Up Team Plan Coming

Again, we are learning many things as we serve each week.  Here's a new plan we want to take a step towards with our set up team.    

1.  We need tons of help each week.  Until we get fully established teams we are asking for everyone to show up and set up.  Yes, it's hard, but it is making a difference.  You don't have to ask if we need help, we need it.  Join the team!  

2.  We would like to create two complementary set up teams.  One that comes on Friday at 6pm and one that comes at Sunday at 8am.  We are trying to transition that now.  We have access to the building at 6pm on most Fridays now and our worship team is practicing.  This is helping us get ahead for Sunday and to 'breathe' as well that morning.    If it is better for you to serve on Friday's please let us know.   We will adjust.   

If Sunday's are better for you, that will still be a reality.  There are just some things we can't do and can't set up til Sunday.  For now, we are still arriving at 7.30am but our hope is to push that back in the next couple of weeks.  If it is better on Sunday's please let us know.  

Please talk with us right away since set up and tear down take place EVERY week.  We need to know what is the best fit for you.  Want to join?  Bring it on, we will plug you right in.

Scott Duval is the guy to talk with in regards to schedules for Friday and Sunday setup.  Please contact him



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