Touchy But Necessary

Many times we are asked questions about giving at Turning Point Church.  How much to give?  What do we as a church do with what is given?  What is the best way to give?  They are all great questions.  If you'd like to see some of what we think about that, go on over to our giving page.  It's a good start! 

But here is what we know.  Giving is a touchy subject for so many people.  Many times because of our bad experiences with it.  Wouldn't you agree?  For us a Turning Point, we don't shove the idea of giving down anyone's throat.  We don't.  But even though this is a delicate subject for so many, we could say that it's also needed. 

Touchy But Necessary!  

Here's a thought.  Shouldn't we all be growing in the area of generosity?  Shouldn't we all be willing to serve others?  Shouldn't that be a characteristic of a person who says they are a Jesus follower?   We think so.  So, even though we don't force the issue, we don't back away from it either.  Even if we have had bad experiences in our lives, can we really step away from this idea?  We believe every person who follows Jesus needs to juxtapose the words of Jesus in light of their own heart and actions. 

So, why give then?  Great question!  One of the practical reasons is because reaching people, caring for people, and serving a community, it costs money.  There is no way around that.  There is no way to sugar coat that.   Your giving is directly related to how we can effectively reach people.  How?  Your giving is what builds a home for a needy family in Latin America.  Your giving helps pay for the practical things like gifts for our first-time guests, coffee on Sunday mornings, life group resources, teacher appreciation in the schools and the curriculum that our TPC Kids teams use to lead your kids closer to Jesus.  That's reality.  All of that costs!  And all of that is important because it impacts people.  Who can argue against that?  


Then there is a spiritual dynamic to giving.  Again, there is no way to dance around that.  The Bible gives us so many clear ideas about generosity.  Giving shows that we trust God (2 Corinthians 9:6-11).  Giving is a way to honor God (Proverbs 3:9).  Giving says we believe that all we have belongs to God (Psalm 24:1).  Giving is a sign of our faith and growing maturity.  Giving is a way for us to be blessed and to bless others (Hebrews 13:16).  And guess what?  Those are just a few, good, solid reasons.  

But here is one I've been thinking about.  We all have the power to give.  We all have the power to do something.  To start somewhere.  Consider this for a moment.  

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.
— Proverbs 3:27

That's good!  It's personally challenging.  But here is a question that I think forces us to process that verse more deeply.  Can any of us really say that we don't have the power to give?  To do good?  To withhold when there is need?  Sure, maybe we need to grow in this area.  Maybe we are struggling with our debt right now.  Sure, we have three kids, two dogs, a mortgage, a car payment and cell phones.  I get that, but does that exempt us?  Do I really lack the power to meet needs?  To be giving?  To support the vision of our local church?  What do you honestly think?

If we hesitate, let's be reminded that God didn't withhold from us.  He didn't pause.  He didn't flinch like we sometimes do.  And the cost, it was unbelievable.  Scripture says it this way:   

Since he (God) did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else?
— Romans 8:32

The cost was his son.  The life of his son.  The death of his son.  He had the power to do something to reconcile us even though it COST him a ton.  That should move us.  That should motivate us.  That should cause us to stat somewhere in giving.  In doing good. 

So, Jesus follower, what will it take for you to duplicate, on some level, what God has done for you?  To meet needs?  To support the church that is loving you?  To reach people in our community?  To see life change continue?  We all have the power to do something.  And as that verse said, God will bless you and help you.  He's got you covered!    

So, can I offer a few recommendations?  A next step?  A way to be like Jesus?

1.  Pray and ask God about what to give.  Then do what He says. 

2.  Start somewhere.  Start with something.  Everything makes a difference. 

3.   Be faithful when it's easy and when it's hard.  God honors faithfulness. 

4.  Come prepared to give when you are at Turning Point.  Giving shouldn't really be reactionary, emotional or accidental.  Who likes to receive those kinds of gifts?  So, let's plan ahead and give cheerfully and on purpose.  

5.  Be a tither and trust God!  What is that?  Read and process that here

6.  Consider scheduled giving.  It's easier for you to 'set and forget it'.  It helps us as a church budget better and plan better to meet needs.  

7.  Use our options of giving online, text giving or even our app.  It's easy and safe. 

Thanks for your considerations.  Thanks for being like Jesus.  Thanks for serving and giving to help people experience a life changing relationship through Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Steve





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