405 Times

There are so many amazing things that God has done in the short 2 1/2 years of this church.  We have seen marriages restored.  We have seen people give God and the church another chance.  We've seen 83 people choose to follow Jesus.  Even this past Sunday, 4 more people chose to go public in their faith through water baptism.  So many reasons why we do what we do each and every Sunday.  So many stories to celebrate!

Some of our great 'Serve Team' volunteers.

Some of our great 'Serve Team' volunteers.

Another no-brainer, in my opinion, is our 'Serve Teams'.  They are worth celebrating!  These are the people that volunteer their time to serve in our kid's ministry.  With our students.  In our band.  Tech.  Hospitality teams.  We have some amazing people who freely give of their time to reach people like you.  You know why they do it?  To show the love of Christ to others.  Think about it.  Isn't that what Jesus said?  Wasn't it a part of his core message?  Jesus said it this way:

Just as I have loved you, love one another.
— John 13:34

We love others because Jesus loves us.  We forgive others because he forgave us.  We serve others because he served us with his life.  Our motivation for serving should be our love for one another.  We serve so that ALL people have an opportunity to know Jesus personally.  

Signs set up for our guests and families.  

Signs set up for our guests and families.  

One of our teams that loves others is our set up team.  You know how they love others?  They set up and tear down everything.  EVERYTHING that you see.  Some of that everything even covers up stuff we don't want to be seen.  They set up what your kids experience.  What you get at our cafe.  What's in the hallways or on the stage.  ALL of it is set up by someone.  Even those signs outside that say, 'hey, as a guest, here is a prime parking spot just for you.'  They do that.    

Some of our team members serve once a month.  Some two times a month.  Some just jump in on Sundays even though they are not 'officially' on that serve team.   But they do it because they know setting up that space is important to create a welcoming atmosphere.  They know it's important for your kids to have a space that is fun, clean and safe.  They know it's important because it's a place that people can meet Jesus.  Sounds like loving others to me!

I sat down the other day and calculated that we have set up and torn down the church 405 times so far.  That's three times a week.  That includes Fridays, Sundays before church and Sundays after service.  And guess what?  We have some families.  Volunteers.  Students.  Adults.  Kids that have been to almost every single one of those 405 set up and tear downs.  Now whether someone serves once a month, three times a month or has been here for 397 of those, I am so grateful to those awesome people.  We wouldn't have what we have without them.  You wouldn't experience what you experience without them.   They are loving like Christ loves.  

Hallways set up for our guests

Hallways set up for our guests

A kids room before set up is completed.  

A kids room before set up is completed.  

But you know what? Some of those die-hards, they are getting tired!  They are tired because they are serving in 2-3 areas rather than serving in 1-2 areas really well.  They are tired because they have done 250 or 299 or 358 or 385 of those total 405 times.  I want to help them so they can serve even better.  They need some help.  In fact, I'm going to be transparent with you.  My family is one of those families that is tired too.  Yes, we as a family have been to almost all of the 405 set up and tear downs.  Now, I don't like to write about myself.  I don't write that so someone can feel sorry for us.  It's not who I am or who we are as a family. I'm writing this because I'm listening to the wisdom of those around me.  Their counsel. 

I've been studying James and what he says about listening and doing.  He says it this way: 

Do not merely listen to the Word of God, and so deceive yourself, do what is says.
— James 1:22

In other words, Christians are doers.  They take in God's Word and do.  They take in the counsel of the Godly people in their lives and do.  So, as I listen to my inner circle of folks, let me paraphrase what they are saying to me; 'You have to step out of set up.  Thanks for doing it, but your family has done set up since launch.  We need you to be freed up to lead more because the church is growing.  Keisa needs to be freed up so she can focus on families more.  So, we need to tell others-now!"  These are people who love our family and who love our church and who want to see us reach more people for Christ.  They are right.  We are tired.  They are also right that we need to be freed up to lead in other areas.  To lead in other areas that will continue to move the church forward.   To love people the way God has gifted us.  

Now, don't worry, there is nothing else here.  We love this church.  We love what God is doing. We've poured our guts into this community and to the people of TPC.  We will continue to do that forever (that's our goal!).  So, we are good as a family and we are 'all in'.  But things have to change in this area for the church.  For us.  Even for some of the other families who have done much of the same.  So, I'm coming to you for help.  We need your help with our 405 times!   

We have put together a two-pronged strategy for the short term.  One, we are asking our great church to step up.  For you to step up.  Particularly if you are a Christ follower and not serving in any capacity right now.  We need you.  Remember, Christians are people of action.  Not watching.  Not, 'when life is less busy'.  We love others through actions and through doing.  For some of you, loving others means helping us set up.   

So, how?  From now, till mid-June, we are asking you to sign up and to be faithful to 1-2 setup or teardowns (Fridays:  6-7: 30 pm, Sundays 8-9: 30 am, Sundays 11:15am-12: 30 pm).    Think about that.  One time a month equals a workout time at the gym.  Two times a month equals the time we sit down to watch a playoff game.  When you think of it in those terms, that's completely doable.  And again, it reaches people.  So, I'm asking you to go right here and sign up today.  We will get back to you and plug you in because you are needed to DO right now.  

Secondly, we are going to bring in some part time help.  This is an individual who can guide the weekend set up and support our awesome volunteer teams.  It's also a way for me, as your pastor, to have more time to focus on what is happening at 10 am each Sunday.  The message.  Connecting with guests.  Connecting with you. So, maybe that director is you?  Maybe it's someone you know?  I'm asking you to think about it and spread the word.  This is a great opportunity for someone.  You can find all of the details can be found at tpclive.org/jobs.  

So, I want to thank all of the great people at Turning Point who love and serve and 'do' on a regular basis.  Because of you, people are 'experiencing a life-changing relationship through Jesus Christ.'  But we aren't even near being done with what God has for us.  That means as we continue to grow, we are inviting and asking more of you to help us make a difference!   That is most likely you reading this.  So, will you join us this week for the 406, 407 or 408th time? 

Proud of our church and each of you!  The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

Pastor Steve

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