Finishing 2018 Strong!

As we get closer to the end of 2018 I wanted to pause and simply say thank you for your giving and generosity this past year.  Over these past twelve months, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of so many people here in SWFL and across the world.  There are so many stories of life change that I know would not be possible without you!

Even this past week, we had the privilege of serving two families in our community.  Through our partnership with Safe Families, we were able to connect directly with two single moms by providing some financial help.  They, in turn, were able to provide their children with food, diapers, and formula. It seems so simple but we know it has a significant impact on their lives.  I’m so excited that we can respond like that and show the love of Christ in a very practical way.


With a great big heart of thanks to each of you, I do want to ask you to also help us finish this year strong.  Each year we cast a big vision for what God is challenging us to do in the year to come. In turn, we want to ask you to support that vision with your generosity.   We call this initiative; The Greatest Gift Offering (GGO).  We deeply believe that our cause is Christ.   We also believe that Christ’s cause is the local church.  It’s what He started and what He gave His life for. Therefore, what is Christ's cause is our cause.  The local church. Turning Point Church. If you believe in what God is doing through Turning Point Church in your life and the lives of others, then this is a great cause to prayerfully consider giving to.  

Through the GGO, we are stepping out in faith to raise $40,000 in the month of December beyond our regular giving, to serve others.   We want to, first of all, make a difference in Our World.  Your giving will help us serve the community of Alajuelita, Costa Rica.  Through Miguel and Karina Rojas and Iglesia de la Ciudad, you will help them feed hungry children and get them the education they need.  In addition, our world is also local. We are currently building relationships with schools and churches to help with Hurricane Michael relief.  In fact, this week we will hand deliver ‘Blessing Bags’ filled with food to over 70 people for Christmas. What an immediate impact!

Secondly, your giving will help with Our Family.  We believe that God has given us a great staff team that can really make a difference for many years to come.  Each of them came here because they believe in the vision of our church. In turn, their deepest desires are to serve Christ by serving you and this community.  Your giving through the GGO will allow us to take care of our staff team financially and to honor the sacrifices they have each made to be a part of our community.  I believe in this team and I also believe that God brought them here to grow this church and to make a huge difference for Christ.

I’m asking, with the deepest sincerity and humility, will you help us reach more people through this vision?  Will you help us finish 2018 strong and blow past this goal? Will you prayerfully consider asking God what is your part?   Together I still believe that we can make a difference and the best is yet to come!

With gratitude,   

Pastor Steve

PS: We can match instantly, dollar per dollar, up to $10,000 through the generosity of those already giving. Wow! As you give please notate your gifts as GGO. All gifts are tax deductible.