Go Project, 2017

This year Turning Point Church will be heading back with a missions team to serve in Alajuelita, Costa Rica. We would love for you to consider joining the team for a life changing experience.

Why:  Because it's what Jesus tells us to do!  Here's a good read on why!   

Who:  You!  You don't need to have experience, you simply must be willing to serve.  

When:  June 5th-June 12th  

Details:  The trip will focus on helping the local church in Costa Rica by meeting the needs of the community in the name of Christ.  We will participate in helping serve the needy through a home construction project, general physical labor, serving at local feeding centers for children, the local schools and family ministry. 

We have a valued and trusted relationship with a local church and it's local pastor in Costa Rica.  We know the people, the barrios and the need.  Although there are always risks with every international trip, this is a family friendly trip and environment.  Teenagers may participate without parental supervision but are required to have additional documents filled out by your parent/guardian.

Cost:  $1,000 (includes all travel and in country stay).  

Team Meeting:  Join us for questions and answers or to get on board on Monday, February 6th at 6:00pm.   RSVP here or under 'The Go Project' in the Turning Point Church app.  

You can fill out the application online here.   


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