Want to decorate for Trunk-or-Treat?

Do you want to be a part of Trunk Or Treat?  You think you have what it takes to decorate a car?  If that’s you, here are a few basic ‘how to’s’ and key rules: 

  1. Make sure you sign up and let us know your car will be a part of Trunk Or Treat.  We will send you a confirmation email once you sign up.  
  2. Decorate your car in a creative way.  Remember, no scary, violent or inappropriate decor.  If it’s not something that will make a little kids smile, try a new idea.  Please tell us your idea BEFORE buying items and showing up decorated.  
  3. You can wear a costume or thematic elements that match your car, but again, nothing violent, inappropriate or scary in the eyes of a little kid.   
  4. Arrive early on Trunk or Treat Day, by 9.45am to get to your reserved spot.   You will receive a numbered spot to park in with your confirmation email.  When you arrive, come to the coned off part of the parking lot and look for your number.   Park in that spot with your trunk facing the front of the school.    
  5. You will need to ‘man’ your car during the duration of the Trunk or Treat experience.  
  6. As kids come to your car for Trunk or Treat, make sure to smile and be super friendly.  Also, give away a good wad of candy.  We’d rather lean on giving more than less.  
  7. We will give away prizes to many of the cars that day.   Two grand prizes will be given away  to the cars that have the best overall theme and the most creative trunk.  
  8. Need some ideas?  Just google it and you will find a TON of creative ways to decorate your car. 


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