When we were formulating our team last year to launch this church, we began with an idea called #dosomething.  The idea, during the summer months, was to begin to mobilize everyone to do something in the name of Christ.  To demonstrate the love of Christ in action in some simple way.  This year, we’d like to take that idea and reshape it a bit.  

For the month of July, we are asking followers of Christ to #dosomething for others in two ways.  Number one, #dosomething and SERVE our community.  How?  We are asking each of you to serve our community by purchasing school supplies that we can give to our local schools.  Think about it, schools start in about four weeks.  So, the next time you are out shopping, pick up school supplies and let’s help kids and families who maybe can’t afford to start the school year on the right foot.  You can then bring it in each Sunday through the end of July.  To help, here’s a school supply list from one of our local schools.  Will you #dosomething and SERVE our community?  

The second challenge is to #dosomething and LIVE in community.  We all say we want community but we many times allow the busyness of life to prevent real community.  Let’s solve that tension and #dosomething about that.   We are asking each of you to spend time with one another and LIVE in community through the end of July.  It’s really simple.  Invite someone over for dinner that you’ve been meaning to ask.  Go out and have a picnic in the park with a couple of other families.  In fact, we hope you will #dosomething with people you know and some you don’t know quite well yet.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  Will you #dosomething and LIVE in community?

One more thing, and it’s important.  Take a picture of your #dosomething experience.  Yes, it’s important!  Why?  Stories are meant to be shared, so share it.  When you take a picture and post it on social media, it encourages others to get involved.  It shows the power of generosity and community.  It connects with the unchurched in powerful ways.  So, when you are hanging out in community or shopping for schools supplies, snap a pic and post it to social media with the hashtag, #dosomethingTPC.

So, let’s go for it.  Let’s make the most of July 2016 and #dosomething.  

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