Easter Reflections!!!

It's important to take a look back over this past week and remember all that has transpired.  It's way too easy in business, in a family, and in ministry to accomplish something and not pause and reflect.  Sometimes we pass by these moments in life without being grateful.  Sometimes we race past them and don't realize their power.  Sometimes, we pass them by not realizing that will become cherished memories.

So, as Turning Point Church, will you pause and reflect with us for a moment?  Here's what we know!

6 people committed their lives to Jesus.  Some people wrote that decision on their connection cards while others wrote the word  'me' on a piece of paper during our closing time.  Do you know how amazing that is?    If one person commits their life to Christ, it's a game changer.  That's why we exist as a church. That's why each of us pray for our friends and family.  That's why we invite.  So, that any and everyone will know Jesus personally.  Thank you God that you moved in the hearts of people to recognize their need for you.  

60 people volunteered.  I believe that number is actually higher with all of the other opportunities we had for people to show up and serve even before Easter.  Some of you simply said, 'where can I help?  It doesn't matter where, just plug me in'.  Some of you served for the first time.  Some of our volunteers even gave hours (Yes, several hours) of their time to make this weekend possible.   There is NO WAY this weekend would have been possible if it hadn't been for many of you.  Because of you, people came to church, had fun at church, took a step closer to Jesus and even chose to accept Christ in their life.  You rock!  

85 kids participated!  Wasn't if fun to see that many kids in our classes and scrambling for eggs?  Scrambling for eggs, hah!  That really wasn't on purpose.  We want kids to know Jesus because when children know Jesus, it impacts their lives, their families, and their futures. When kids can know Jesus, it changes everything and gives them the ability to make better life decisions.  We will always find ways to create fun experiences to connect kids and families with the local church.    Let's pray that each child that came will take a step closer to knowing Jesus.  

291 in attendance.  Think about it.  We are six months old...six..months...old... as a church!  I'm thanking God that he gave us the privilege of serving that many people.   We are praying that many of those people will come back and be a part of our community.  Sure, that takes time but for many people, that may have been the first step.  

Those numbers are all BIG things to thank God about!  We should be pumped and excited!  But maybe you are asking why?  Why the big emphasis on numbers?  You know why?  Those numbers represent people and the last time we checked, people mattered to God.  Then if those people matter to God, they should matter to us.  In fact, let's personalize this a bit.  One of those numbers could have been one of your friends. One of your coworkers.  The person you are dating or are married too.  A person you have prayed for, for a long time.  It matters, doesn't it?  Absolutely!

So, let's be grateful!  Let's thank God for what he's done!  But let's continue to pray that God will impact those that came.  Let's pray that God will change people because we can't -that's His department.   Let's continue to serve because serving others grows us and draws others to God.  Let's keep inviting because people we know, need to know.  

Turning Point, this is just the beginning and the best is yet to come!!!  #thebestisyettocome

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