An Easter Prayer

With Easter just around the corner, we are so excited about what God will do in our community, in the lives of people and in Turning Point Church!

We know that with all of the work that goes into the Easter Experiences, that it means nothing if we aren't praying.  God calls us to pray and wants us to pray.  Here's how Jesus says it: 

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.
— Matthew 7:7

Will you ask and will you seek with us?  Will you pray with us for the next few days?  Here are a few things that we would love to have you pray with us for:  

Courage:  Pray that each of us associated with Turning Point will have the courage to invite people to Turning Point.  There are people in all of our lives that would come if we invited. Let's pray that God gives each Christ follower the courage to simply ask.  

Openness:  Let's pray that people will be open.  Open to coming.  Open to participating. Open to listening to the message of Christ.  Open to connecting with others.  Just plain open. This is God's job to move in people's hearts.  Let's be people of faith and ask him particularly to help those we know and care about to be open to Him!  

Steps:  Let's pray that each person that participates in any way with Turning Point during the Easter weekend will take a step closer to Jesus.  For some people, that will be a step to church for the first time.  For some people, it will be a step away from cynicism or pain.  For some, it will be a step towards renewal in their lives.  For others, it will be a step to place their trust in Jesus.  Will you pray that each person takes a step?

Will you pray with us???



Steve GillComment