Time To ReConnect

This past weekend we talked about the need for community and how it's woven into our DNA from our Creator.  God made us to be people who need relationship!  I believe most of us know that instinctively deep down inside.    Here's how scripture says it:  

But if we live in the light, as God does, we share in life with each other.
— 1 John 1:7

Shared life.  Sounds awesome!  

The challenge with community is that it requires time.  The last time I checked there is no microwave way to build relationships.  There is no app that makes it happen deeply and personally.  Community takes time and yet life and the time that life requires, often seem to get in the way of building community.  

I'm sure you can relate.  When was the last time you were engaged in the local church and life got in the way of spending time with one another?   Maybe some of those things were out of your control?   Others were within your control but maybe you lacked the motivation?  Some of those things that got in the way were really good things.  What things have kept you away from connecting in a life giving way with the church and those who care about you?  

-You woke up and the kids were sick!  (Yuck)

-You've been working like a mad man to keep up with the demands of work.  I mean, it can come and go just like that (snap of the fingers inserted here)!

-The relatives dropped by....again.  (That could be good or not so good depending on your view.)  

-The beach was calling your name and you couldn't resist!  

-You had a bad week at work, in relationships, in health.....

Here's what I've learned and I hope can be an encouragement to you.  No matter what life throws at you, you are valuable to God and you are valuable to others.  No matter how busy you are.  No matter how demanding work can be.  No matter how alluring the beach is or how rough your week was, you are important to God and to others. You are valuable to this community called Turning Point Church!!!

Here's what I also know, life is better with others.  Life is more enjoyable with others.  Life is more bearable with others.  Even growth in our life truly requires others.  We say it like this at Turning Point.

I will share in life with others because others need me and I need others.
— Turning Point Value

So, no matter matter what life has dealt you lately, I want to challenge you to reconnect with Turning Point.  God is doing some great things at Turning Point Church and I believe He wants to do some great things in your life.  Many times, in fact, that happens when we walk in community together. 

Again, if you've been away, it's time.  Time to reconnect.  Reconnect with a group of people who value you. Reconnect with a group of people because they need you.  Reconnect with these Christ followers because you need them.  Reconnect with this community of believers to take the steps in growing your faith that God wants for you.   Its time to reconnect!



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