RE-establishing Manhood!

It really gets kind of old in my opinion!  You know what I mean?  Our culture's constant beating down of men!  You don't have to look too far to see it.  When you turn on the TV it's filled with characters portraying men as incapable of making decisions.  They are the butt of all of the jokes.  They are celebrated as idiots!  

Most men that I know really aren't like that .  They want to be better husbands and fathers. They want to work hard and provide.  They want to have faith.  They want to be the guy who scores the winning bucket even if it is just a game of pick up ball.   They are the guys who cheer for Maximus when he's in the coliseum fighting for what is right.   I believe that is what most men want to be like. 

The challenge is that many times no one is showing us.  No one is demonstrating what is right, what is courageous and what is brave.   Then when we feel like we are doing what is right, culture pokes us in the eye for being men!    

Join us for a day where we celebrate manhood and show men what it means to be the kind of man God desires them to be.  It's time to REestablish Manhood!  

Steve GillComment