Preview Services Are Coming!

So part of launching a church well is doing preview services. What's that?

A preview service is like a 'soft launch'.  It's a chance for us to work through all of the details of what it takes to do a weekend service for the first time.  So, on Sunday, September 13th and 20th, here's what will happen.  

Set up team arrives to set up:  7.30am

Worship/Tech team do a run through: 9:00am

Ministry Team Training:  9:00am  
Training for ALL of our launch team.  This will be a time to learn what to do on the hospitality, tech, setup and children's ministry teams.  

Preview Service:  10:00am.  
We will run a service just like it was our launch service.  The worship team will lead worship.  The kids team will lead kids.  The hospitality team will greet people.  It's a way for us to serve together.  Steve will also teach that day and cast some vision for our team as we prepare to launch.

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