Gill Family Update!

Dear Family and Friends,

Turning Point Church is a little over a week away from launching!   We are super excited!!!

There are so many stories that we could tell you of what God has been doing for so many months?  I've written many of them down through our blog simply to keep a record of how incredible God has been to our family and Turning Point Church.  Which story do we start with?

 How about the story of how we met some of our first couple of families in Bonita through an email we sent out?  I didn't even know who I was really emailing to anyways.  I just got it from a friend.  I sent out this email and that turned into multiple conversations that brought us together months later.   How about the story of our building contract at the local theater?  We worked on it for weeks.  We had friends come in town to give their input.  We felt like it was the right place and we worked a lot on making it happen.  Then out of nowhere, the contract fell through.  We were blown away!  Yet, 10 days later God landed us in an even better facility?  That's a story. 

Then there are the countless stories of people who God has brought to our launch team, since we've moved here.  We knew almost NOBODY when we moved here!   However, GOD has grown this team.  We met 'them' through a mutual contact.  'That family' just moved in town.  'They' heard about TPC from a mutual friend.  One by one, God has woven together a team that is about to embark on launching a church!   That's a story.  Then there was the story of the 'random' text that I sent to an old friend.  That text landed in their lives at a specific time, at a specific moment, at a specific crossroads in their lives.  I had no idea! Within 48 hours of that text God lead us to our new worship leader and his family.  How cool a story is that?

Story after story after story.  That's only scratching the surface!  God has been behind each one. 

So, here we are at a crossroads for Turning Point Church.  We are now 10 days from our public launch.  We have sent out thousands of mailers to connect with our community.  We have done outreach to spread the name of TPC and Christ.  We have served others.  We have prayed like crazy.  We have done everything we know.  Now, it's the final countdown.  Did that 80's song just pop in your head?  Sing it with me; 'it's the final countdown' (da-da-da-da, da-,da-da-da-dum).  You know it!

As we approach the last 10 days, we are asking two things from our friends, family and supporters.  They are the same two things that have been a blessing since the beginning.  One, please consider the financial support of Turning Point Church.  The need is real.  We wouldn't ask if the need wasn't there.  To be a partner in launching this church, you can find the details here:  Thanks to those of you who have been generous.  You rock!

Please pray!  I have sensed that the last 10 days are some of the most crucial.  The verse that resonated with me yesterday was in Matthew.  It says, “Ask, and you will be given what you ask for. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened.  For everyone who asks, receives. Anyone who seeks, finds. If only you will knock, the door will open.  (Matthew 7:7-8)  That passage clearly challenges us to pray and to pray persistently.  We want to be persistent in prayer for the next 10 days till launch.   Will you join us?  If that's a yes, please check out what we are praying for here.  Your prayers will make a significant impact. 

Thanks so much for helping us reach people far from God.  To each of you, we are grateful for your investment in our lives, in this community and in Turning Point Church.   You are deeply appreciated. 

Ten days to go!  It's the final countdown (there's that song in your head again)!

Steve, Keisa and the Gill Kids


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