Would you pray-this week?

I'm sure you've noticed this week that we have a big event scheduled for Turning Point Church.  Our Summer Party!  Our goal with this is to  connect our growing team together and to help connect others, in the long term, with Christ and the local church.  So, we are having a party!  Why not?

 We truly want to show God's love in a practical way-no strings attached!

So, would you pray with us?  What specifically?  Here's a few things that we desire for other Christ followers to pray for on our behalf.  

Pray that our team invites!  We all know that one of the most powerful ways to connect people with God and with others is through the power of invitation. Look at all of the invitations Jesus made! Pray that our team will feel that need and step into that challenge.   Pray that God will honor them for stepping out and taking the risk.  

Pray that many people will come.  Yeah, we care about the numbers!  Why? Because each number is a person, is a story, is someone God loves, is important.  We desire to express God's love to as many as possible.   We will never apologize for that!  

Pray that seeds will be planted!   We hope to see people take a step closer to God, a step closer to building relationships with others and a step closer to help build this church.    We hope that from an event like this that God grows each person and grows this new church.  

Pray that it doesn't rain.  Maybe that sounds lame, but we need a beautiful day and it's rainy season in Florida!  Pray that we get no rain(this Sunday) from 3pm-7pm, We need that window. 

Thanks for your prayers!!!