Very Cool Timing!

Many of you know we had our first gathering on January 29th for Turning Point Church.  It was a great starting point.  If you didn't see the details, scroll up a bit and check out the blog entry title, 'What a Start!'

Here's one of the cool stories that came out of that week.  While I was looking over my emails the day of our meeting I noticed a church planting email from Exponential.  Exponential is national church planting organization that helps leaders, pastors and volunteers in church plants. This email that I got is a weekly update and has some best practices and encouraging words for church planting teams.   

At the top of the page was an article written by Rick Warren.  Through out the rest of email was other helpful information and encouraging words from national leaders.  As you scroll to the bottom of the email there is a section called, 'in brief'.  Check out what it says in the photo below.  

Now, is that cool or what?  What is even more exciting about that email is the timing!  Within 24 hours of the beginning of our first gathering, this email hits the in-boxes of how many thousands of people across America? Which means we had/have how many people praying for us?  I'm not sure exactly how many but I'm going with tons of people(yes, that's my official estimate)!!!

One of the things someone shared with me about this experience and others like it was the word 'alignment'.  In other words, isn't it amazing how God aligns details like that?  He aligns the details of life at just the right moment!  The details of an email for people to pray for our church! The details of that email hitting the inbox within 24 hours of that meeting! It's amazing that God cares about the details and can make those details happen when we most need it!  Very Cool Timing!!!

Here's a sort of funny happening as well.  That was probably the only time in my life that I will ever be mentioned in the same email as Rick Warren.  Yes, in the same email!  Yeah, he was at the top of the email and I was towards the bottom, but it still counts.  

Oh, and for you nay sayers out there, I attached that too just for the proof.  Ha!