This Is It!!!

Dear Friends and Family,

Have you ever anticipated something so much it was hard to wait?  I’m sure each of us can say ‘yes’ without hesitation.  It’s like when you went on that big trip and you couldn't wait to get there.  You knew where and you knew why you wanted to go.  Maybe you found yourself in a plane slowly pushing along the runway?  Then it was your turn.  The engines kicked on.  You were pushed back in your seat.  Then all of a sudden the plane took off and you were airborne.  Pretty exciting each time it happens!  That’s what it feels like for our family right now.  We are under a week to go before we relocate and start Turning Point Church on March 1st.  

As excited as we are to move into this new endeavor, there is a part of us that will miss where we are and the relationships that God has given us.  This has been a great place for us to refocus our lives after coming back from the mission field.  We’ve had some great opportunities to do ministry.  We've made some some really strong friendships that we will miss very deeply.  But you know what?  This is what God has led us to do and we know it without hesitation!

So, as we prepare to leave, there are still two prominent things left for us to focus on.  They are in fact, what we've focused on from the beginning and which are still the most critical.  One, our need for people praying.  Thanks for all of you have stepped up and said yes.  Thanks for not just saying it but doing it.  You have prayed and it’s making a difference.   What does scripture say?  ‘The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective’.  We are counting on your continued prayers and God’s power!  If you’d like to know what specifically to pray for, please check out, ‘what to pray for’.  We feel these things are the most imperative right now.  

Secondly, it’s all about generosity in planting a church.  You've heard us say it and  the fact is that we can’t do this without you.  There is no way!  We are literally leaving a place with guaranteed income and security to a mission that is fully dependent on the generosity of others.   We are so grateful to so many who have pledged and given so far.    We've raised about $31,000 of our initial $50,000 that we need to raise.  You guys are awesome!!!

With that said, we still have about 20,000 to raise in the next couple of weeks.  We believe that’s possible.  For example, we could achieve that if 10 families or churches agreed to give $100,  10 agreed to give $50 and 10 agreed to give $25 a month for the next year.  Just like that, the need is met!   Would you be willing to help us start this church with strength?  We hope so!  If you still have questions about giving to Turning Point Church, please take a look at ‘what your giving means’.  If you’d like to give and be a part of the team,  just check out our giving page.  Thanks for your generosity!

So, we know that our turn on the runway is next.  We we can anticipate taking off.  We can sense the engines getting ready to roar!  We are ready for what God has!   Thanks to those you who are on this journey with us.  We also hope and pray many more of you will join us as we try to reach people far from God!   

With much gratitude,

Steve and Keisa

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