Greatest Gift Offering

The Bible makes it quite clear that God is more than generous.  He gives us His peace, joy and love to experience in our own lives.  He proved his generosity ultimately through his Son.  Look at what it says in the book of John.  

God loved the world so much that He gave us his only Son.
— John 3:16

What God did was a game changer for each of our lives!    

We believe that because of what Christ did for us, we too should be generous.  We too should want to make a difference in the lives of others.  This month, we are giving people the opportunity to be generous and impact others through The Greatest Gift Offering.  

What is the GGO?  It's focused giving that will help us impacting children and families right now and into early 2016.  How?  One, your giving will help us serve families in need locally.  Through the local schools we receive opportunities where kids, families and single moms are in need for clothing, food and basic every day needs.  We want to be able to respond.   Secondly, your giving will help feed hungry children in Guatemala through a local feeding center that we have an ongoing relationship with.  We believe both are important and we want to be able to do both as a church!

Will you join us in this opportunity?  If you've not yet taken a step of generosity through giving to Turning Point, we believe this is a great starting point for you!  If you already give, would you be willing to step up to the challenge and give in addition to what you already faithfully give?  

This we know!  God made a significant difference in our lives through the generosity of giving us His Son!  You too will  be a part of making a difference in the life of a child through your generosity!      

Come on Turning Point, let's step up big time!!!  


More Information:  If you'd like to see our video in regards to the greatest gift offering, click here.  

When:  You can give any time during the month of December for the Greatest Gift Offering during our weekend services, on Christmas Eve or online here.

How:  Simply mark your giving envelope or your online giving with the words, 'The Greatest Gift Offering' or 'GGO'.  



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