It starts with an invite!

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas already especially since it's our first.  It's our first in Florida!  One of the first in a LONG time without snow.  Our first probably where we can wear shorts?  Our first at Turning Point Church!   What I'm hoping for, praying for and want to cast vision for is that this is the first Christmas of many where God will do some amazing things in the lives of people.  For that to happen, I believe that our whole Turning Point family needs to get involved.  How?   Keep reading and check out the video challenge here.  

I shared with part of our team on Sunday that we can spend money on marketing.  We can put together a great looking logo.  We can be super creative in our programming and communications.  We can pray and study and prepare.  We can even knock it out of the park for the weekend services.   And yes, we plan to do ALL of that!  All of that to reach people far from God.  However, it's muted if WE (that includes you if you are reading this) don't invite our friends.  


Think of all of the powerful moments in Scripture where people invited their friends to come see and meet Jesus. One of those stories involves Andrew.  He had this face to face encounter with Jesus (John 1:40-42).  When he met Jesus and experienced this incredible life change, what did he do?  He didn't sit on it and keep it to himself.  He went looking for his brother Simon.  He wanted to desperately introduce him to Jesus so he went and found him.  Then the book of John says this:

And Andrew brought Simon to Jesus.
— John 1:42

That invitation changed everything.  After that, Simon became a follower of Jesus!  Enough said!

With that as a back drop, God can do the same thing through you.  In fact, God's primary plan to reach people is guess what?  Through you.  Through us. Through we, the church!  Christ followers!    

This Christmas, please take the risk that Andrew did. Invite.  Invite friends.  Invite family.  Invite co-workers. You do you part and guess what?  God will do his part. In his time, he will change hearts, change lives and change eternities.  He did it for Simon.  He did it in you.  He will continue to do it for those in your life.   

It all starts with an INVITE!!!

Steve GillComment