Serve With Us!

If you are new to Turning Point, a great way to connect more with others and with God is through serving.  There are so many opportunities.  You can serve at one of our events.  How about checking in kids or teaching some toddlers?  You could help us set up and tear down for the service.  How about serving donuts or shaking hands as people walk through the parking lot?   Here are a few options for you right now:  

Set Up Team:  Our set up team comes in on Friday night@6pm or Sunday's @7:30am to set up for about two hours.  This is chairs, putting up tables, getting classes ready for kids and on and on.  This team helps us transform the whole school to get ready for Sunday.    Here's some changes we are wanting to do as well.  Loan us your muscle, hard work and organizational skills to set up.  Contact Scott Duval:


Kids Ministry Team:  Our kids ministry has several ways that you can serve.  Some are working with kids and some serve as a support to the kids ministry.  You could teach in a class (don't let that intimidate you), support a game, check in kids, hold babies, run tech and help lead songs.  We believe in families and want to make a difference in their lives.   Contact Keisa Gill:

Tech Team:  These people make sure everything looks good and sounds good on Sunday morning. Without this team there would be no video, no cool lights, no music in the lobby, nothing.  Are you tech savy?  Can you learn quickly?  This may be a spot for you. Contact Brian Wolfcale:

Hospitality Team:  These people need to be friendly (not too friendly because that's creepy), outgoing and willing to help our guests.  Many of our team members shake hands at the door, say hi in the parking lot, and help with information at our Cafe and our VIP Center.   Contact Stephanie Eastman:

Worship Team:  This team is made up of our vocalists and our band.  They do a great job leading us in worship and adding many creative elements to the service.  Our band practices once a week and there is a 'try out' to be a part of the team.  Why?  You want people who really can sing and really can play to be a part of the team.  The rest of us can try out on American Idol. Contact Brian Wolfcale:   

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