Drinking from a fire hydrant!

We just crossed the 60 day mark before our family leaves and relocates to plant Turning Point Church in Bonita Springs.  It's a lot to take in.

My buddy Jeff gave me a great visual reminder of this years ago when we served together at Northview Church.   And yes, I've borrowed, used and stolen his phrase from him repeatedly over the years.  He said that when stuff comes at you fast and furious, 'it's like drinking from a fire hydrant'. Just get that visual image for a moment.  That's what it has felt like so far!!!

We went 'live' almost eight weeks ago with our plans and it seems like so much has happened. We have spent some time talking with some families across the States about joining us in this vision of planting a church.  Two families from Florida and one from Massachusetts have already said that they are 'in' as part of the launch team.  We are still talking and praying with others.  

I also spent some time in Bonita before the end of last year to began to make some connections within the community.  I feel like God is making connections and putting people in our lives.  While I was there I was also able to find (we think) a place for us to live.  We are negotiating now, anticipating that this could be a great place to live, get involved in the community and use as great place to meet with others.  

We've had several people say, 'yeah, we will pray.  Count us in'.  Thanks and please keep praying!  God has to do some awesome stuff and speak to and through a lot of people for this church to start strong and healthy.  We've had others begin to tell us that they will support our family and help the church launch financially.  Again, we are very grateful!

And guess what?  Our first Launch Team Gathering is this month-yes!  I'm flying down to Bonita for a few days to continue building relational bridges and looking for rental spaces.  At this FIRST gathering we are bringing people together to begin taking steps in building our team to start the church. I'll give you more details later, but this key get together is Thursday, January 29th! Please pray that gathering goes very well!  

That's where we are at just inside the 60 days.  Like I said, 'drinking from a fire hydrant'. 

More to come soon.

Steve and Keisa

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