50 Days And Counting

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe that in less than 50 days we will relocate to start the initial phases of planting Turning Point Church in Bonita Springs Florida.   It’s both exciting and a little overwhelming!

Since we announced our plans back in November,  we have seen God affirm this direction in our lives.   We have had some families and churches who have already said that they are willing to pray or financially support our family and the church.  Thanks!  It looks like we have found a place to live, call home and where our kids can grow up.  Huge!  We've even had two Florida and one Massachusetts family say that they are willing to be a part of the initial launch team.  Incredible!  

With all that God is doing, one of the greatest challenges still in front of us is the financial aspect of  planting.   You can ask just about any missionary or planter and they all say about the same thing.  The process of ‘asking’ others to partner is humbling and exciting.   We have felt that way.   However, we know it’s necessary and it’s how God builds churches and reaches people.  Some people are called to go (that’s us) while others are called to give.  

Again, we are grateful that there are people already on board and helping send our family to Bonita.  However,  to care for our family and start the church with strength, we still need many more partnerships from churches and families. So could you be a part of the team as well?  Possibly you could help send our family with a recurring gift of $25, $50 or $100 monthly?  Maybe you could help build this church with a love gift of $100, $500 or even $1,000?  Whatever God lays on your heart to do, your generosity will make a huge impact in reaching people!   You can help us reach our $50,000 goal in the next 50 days, by checking out the details here.   

One last thing that we are excited about.  In just two weeks on Thursday, January 29th, we will have our first public gathering.  Our hope is to begin meeting with people who could be a part of our launch team.  We are praying that this meeting is a great catalyst to start building the team in March.   We are also spreading the word through local contacts, social media and word of mouth.   If you’d like to help spread the word, click here for the info and feel free to share it.   

50 days to go!!!  We are excited about what God has done and will continue to do. Thanks in advance for your encouragement,  your prayerful considerations and your support for our family’s mission to plant Turning Point Church!  We are so grateful!!!

Steve and Keisa (Niles) Gill

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