Here we go...

Since many of you were a huge part of our lives through support and encouragement while we served in Costa Rica, we wanted to you to the first to hear where God is leading us.

So what's up?

We believe God is calling our family to start a new missionary journey by planting a life giving church.  We are excited about embracing what God has for us to do.  We can already see that God has been and is arranging it all!  While we were serving overseas there was a part of us that knew we would eventually pastor a church again.   We just didn’t know many of the details.  However, since arriving back in the States the vision and passion to start a church has grown intensely.  We also have a greater degree of clarity!

Right now we are in the beginning stages of launching a new church calledTurning Point Church.  Our purpose really is simple.  We feel that God is calling us to start this church ‘to help people experience a life changing relationship through Jesus Christ.'  A turning point is a decision in a person’s life that changes things!  It changes us, our circumstances and even people around us.  We believe that what we do with Jesus changes everything in our lives!  He is the ultimate turning point! With that focus, we believe that God is calling us to reach the un-churched, to reach families and help build bridges between the Hispanic and Anglo cultures in Southwest Florida.

While we are starting this new missionary adventure we were hoping that you would begin to be a source of prayer.  You have been a part of our journey in the past in sending us to and keeping us in Costa Rica.   For that we were grateful! Would you again pray for this dream? Right now we would be grateful for your prayers in regards to relocation, finances, a core team, and all of the nitty gritty details it takes to launch a church. It’s a lot, but prayer can make it happen!

Thanks again! Thanks for your friendship, for your confidence and for your prayers. We are grateful!!!

Steve and Keisa

PS-Want to read some more of the details, click Friends and Family, Nov 2014 to see our November newsletter.

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