We believe that worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God for who He is, and what He has done. We desire to have a team of people who worship on and off the stage, who maintain a growing relationship with Jesus, and practice a lifestyle that honors God and Turning Point. We desire for each member of the band to approach their instrument with an attitude of humility, and willingness to learn and grow as a team.


Serving on a weekend usually consists of Friday setup and rehearsal from 6-8pm. Then another run through Sunday morning at 8am. Scheduling and all songs/charts are provided early in the week via Planning Center Online. Since our time in the school is limited, its important that band members know the music before practice. No music stands are allowed on stage. 


Due to the nature of being a portable church and having minimal building access to do live auditions, we are now accepting all auditions via video submission. We’re looking forward to seeing your videos! We will review your videos and email you back to let you know if we have decided to move you forward in the audition process. 

Create Your Video 


Download the applicable resources for your instrument in the Audition Prep section below. Practice the songs, and record a video of yourself playing/singing with a brief introduction.

We aren't expecting a professionally produced video, a recording on your smartphone is fine!


Option 1. Upload your video to our
private Dropbox folder.

Option 2. Upload your video to YouTube
and provide the video link in the audition form.

Youtube hint: Set the video privacy to Unlisted, if you don't want anyone else to see it. 


Fill out the Worship Audition Form below.
We will follow up with you within a week of your application. 

Audition Prep

Drums, Bass, keys and Guitar Prep: 

Please learn Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship.
Click here to download the rehearsal .mp3s and chord charts. 


If you have any video from a live performance, please submit that also!


Please sing, at minimum, the Verse and Chorus to a song of your choice. You may do this with accompaniment, a cappella, or while playing an instrument. Please record an example of you singing harmonies as well.